Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

Since April, I’ve been assigning monthly themes to my work. It’s helped me focus. Hopefully, it’s helped you as well. To recap, monthly themes thus far:

April =  Disruption

May =  What’s Next?

June =  Clarity

July =  Competence

The theme for August is reboot.

It’s basically the sum of the previous months’ themes.

Σ (April…July)

It’s pretty clear at this point that COVID isn’t going away anytime soon; that our work and personal lives will continue to be affected by it in ways we’re still not sure of (disruption). 

Most likely, we won’t go back to normal — not the normal we knew in March. Instead, we’ll probably experience a set of different normals; what Chris Brogan calls “Next Normals,” which will require us to be agile, always adapting to new dynamics (what’s next?).

This agile framework will require us to understand the value we bring and to be in tune with our values (clarity).

And whatever happens, as we move forward, fortune will favor those who rise above and stabilize their “boats” while charting a new course (competence).


So given this disruptive environment, in which agility will be critical, as well as knowing our value while charting a new course of action, we need to pause. To reboot our thinking about our work and our career. We need to consider what’s worked for us in the past and whether it will work going forward.

We need to keep in mind that “what got us here, won’t get us there.” What will differentiate us from others during this time is defining the opportunities in front of us and plotting new courses. As the wise Chris Brogan has said, “this isn’t a ‘do-nothing’ time; it requires upgrades and changes.”

What Say You? 

Where do you need to reboot — pause, and frame the critical issues for people that matter (bosses, hiring managers, clients, and customers)?

What opportunities, upgrades, and changes do you think are required for existing systems so they can function more effectively going forward?

Give it some thought. Email me at scott@scottwoodardcoaching and let me know.

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