Various leadership and career development programs are offered throughout the year. Each program is customized to clients’ needs.

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Ascending Leaders’ Network

Ascending Leaders know they can perform at a higher level and want a bigger, more strategic impact on their organization. They may be overwhelmed with the pace and daily operational activities that preclude more strategic leadership for both their organization and their careers. The Ascending Leaders’ Network is an invitation-only group of peer leaders that … Continue reading Ascending Leaders’ Network

Raise the Bar in Your Career

  You want to have a bigger, more strategic impact on your organization or your team. You want a more strategic leadership role, but you’re unsure how to get there. You are likely overwhelmed with the tactical day-to-day aspects of your work, and the pace of your work makes it difficult to focus on more … Continue reading Raise the Bar in Your Career

Jumpstart Your Job Search

You’re looking for a new job and you haven’t been as successful as you would like. That is, you haven’t been hired in spite of all the effort you’ve put in. The fact is looking for a new job is hard and stressful, even if you’re not changing careers. And, it’s a lot harder than … Continue reading Jumpstart Your Job Search