Frameworks vs. Formulas

Gurus give you formulas. They say, you do this, then this, and then this, and pow: success…But the difference is that people consider the formula to be the end state. ‘This is it. We now know what to do.’ We don’t.” ~ Chris Brogan

Sometimes people reach out to me because they need a new resume. They’re in a job search — or just beginning one — and feel that their existing resume requires updating.

Or, they have an interview coming up and need some help in providing the right answers to the interview questions they should expect.

Or, they need a new LinkedIn profile. Or, they’ve plateaued in their career and they need advice on how to level up — how to get unstuck. 

The thing is, they’re usually looking for a formula that can provide them the success they’re seeking.

What they REALLY need is a framework to convey their value to people who matter — their boss, a hiring manager, even a customer or client. 

Frameworks vs. Formulas

A formula says if it works in one place it should work everywhere every time. There’s no need for adjustments. 

A framework provides room for adjustments to the presenting situation at hand.

A formula is a one-size-fits-all approach. The problem is you’re not a robot. What works for one person, will probably not work for you. Moreover, folks with formulas to offer don’t always agree. I often joke that you can ask 10 different people about your resume and get 12 different responses. 

How often have we listened to the experts and took what they said as gospel? They found the formula that will ensure your success. It will do what it did for them.

And then you try it and it didn’t happen quite the way you thought it would.

What happened?

Did the formula work? Yes, it did … For them. However, your experience is your own. What worked for someone else may not work for you. 

Instead of seeking out formulas that worked for someone else, try frameworks where you can insert your own experiences and customize a process that uniquely yours.

My Framework

If we’ve worked together, you know that I offer a framework based on four elements:

  • Purpose: What’s your motivation for work? Why do you do what you do?
  • Clarity: What is it that you do better than anyone else? And, yes, there’s something that is your “superpower.”
  • Focus: What’s the story you tell about what you do well. What’s the story you tell those people who matter — and yourself?
  • Strategy: Or execution — What are your “targets of opportunity,” and how do you access them? 

We’ve used this framework to develop a career / job search strategy that fits your needs. It allowed us to adjust that strategy throughout your effort. 

“You Are The Guru You Seek”

Chris Brogan, a business advisor, talks about “zero-formulas.” He emphasizes an approach where you store the bits that you need, and look to build frameworks with them. 

Zero formulas, only frameworks.

And you’ll have a much better chance at success.

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