Where your focus goes, your energy grows.” ~ Olivia Gamber, Co-founder, Career Attraction

I’ve assigned themes to each month of this second quarter of 2020. The idea is that the themes will focus my work and my writing during this disruptive time. The theme for April was disruption.

For May it was “What’s Next?

What’s going to happen as we emerge from lockdowns and experience varying degrees of reopenings?

What lessons will we have learned?

What habits and behaviors will we let go of?

What will YOU do going forward?


In spite of the on-going uncertainty around public health and economic issues, YOU make the choice of how to move forward. You get to choose what to believe and how to act on those beliefs.

One way approach is to look at issues and events through a lens of opportunity. Where are the opportunities — right now — that move you closer to your goals, closer to your purpose?

Purpose is what gives your life meaning. It’s your authentic self. It’s the cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do. Knowing your purpose — bringing who you are to what you do — why you do what you do — may well lead to a whole new set of actions.

What’s Next For You?

Rather than think about what’s next in big, macro terms — what’s next for the country, for your business — think smaller, closer to home. What’s next for you?

As you connect with your purpose, what is the best possible outcome for you right now? 

What would that feel like? 

What could you do right now to move toward that? 

What’s the one step you can take that moves you forward?

Let me know. Send me an email at scott@scottwoodardcoaching.com. Tell me about your purpose and the opportunities ahead for you. Tell me what you’re going to do to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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