My 3 Words for 2018

December is a time for reflection as well as for looking forward. In looking back over the year, we assess how we measured up. Did we meet our goals? Did we knock them out of the park, or did we fall short somewhere? Perhaps a bit of both.

We also look ahead to the next year and plan what we hope to accomplish.

Three Words

For the past few years, one way I’ve looked forward is to choose three words to guide me through the coming year. I started this after reading Chris Brogan’s blog. Since 2006, Brogan has encouraged people to choose three words that will frame their goals and intentions for the year.

Last year my three words were serve, engage, partner.

I wanted to be of service to leaders as they transformed from strong to superb. I wanted to help them frame their actions to have positive impacts for themselves, their organizations and their communities. And I wanted to coach and partner with them as they initiated those actions.

These words guided me as I developed and offered new programs throughout the year.

Typically, my three words come fairly quickly once I start thinking about them. Last year, they emerged with more difficulty. This was probably because I wanted to do something slightly different in my business.

My three words for 2018 came a bit quicker, but they emerged from a longer list. In the past, the three have tended to spring up organically.

Words of Years Past

Here are some of the words I’ve used in the past:

2014: Client Collaborator Content

2015: Launch Convene Trimtab

2016: Focus Connect Launch (again)

2017: Serve Engage Partner

My 3 Words for 2018

So, my three words for 2018?

Listen – to what clients and partners say they need.

Inspire – with offerings specifically tailored to their needs.

Actualize – those offerings so they can take specific actions that move them forward in meeting their goals.

These words will frame the work I do in the coming year as I develop tools and programs that help you reach your goals for 2018. Whether you’re a client or a collaborator, I look forward to continuing to do great work together. If you’re a friend, thanks for your support it’s meant a lot to me; I hope to continue to build on our relationship in 2018.

Over to You

Can you come up with three words to frame your goals for 2018? What are your 3 words?

Let me know; I’d love to hear from you.


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