On Providing Adult Supervision to Cannabis Entrepreneurs

I’m as employed as I want to be.” ~ Don G.

We’re continuing our series on folks who are seeking fulfillment in life’s third quarter. This is the stage of life where people have traditionally retired after long careers. However, as we have done throughout our lives, our generation seems to be re-defining this stage.

Some are truly retired — for now. Some are semi-retired — maybe still working, but not as hard as they have in the past. And others are somewhere in between. 

Regardless of how they refer to themselves, they are all looking for meaning and fulfillment in this stage of life just as they have throughout their lives.

“I provide adult supervision to cannabis companies”

Don G, is a 74 year old, with a long career (50 years) in business. He has an Ivy League MBA and has led marketing efforts, finance departments, and operations in a variety of industries. There are very few areas of business in which he doesn’t have some experience.

These days, Don consults to cannabis entrepreneurs — growers, retailers, product developers. “My expertise is in financing new businesses, and every cannabis business is a new business.” He consults on regulatory issues and capital raising strategies. 

“I may look retired…”

Don operates out of his home office in suburban Denver.  His neighbors commute to jobs in offices throughout the metro area. “They know I’m here all day,” Don says of his neighbors, “but they don’t know what I do, or if I do anything.”

Don still works because it gives him purpose. He thoroughly enjoys nurturing a young entrepreneurial team.  He delights in working with them to adapt to a highly controlled industry with major regulatory differences from state to state.

He also wants more financial stability. His wife is retired; they still have a mortgage; and because he’s always been an entrepreneur himself, his income has bee sporadic. He has an equity stake in one of his clients that he hope will provide adequate financial security. 

Finally, Don takes a lesson learned from his father: providing honest work opportunities for those who want them. He inherited the sense of obligation to ensure that the people he works with get the best he has to offer.

This still drives him at this stage of life.

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