You May Be an Ascending Leader If…

I’ve been talking with a number of “Ascending Leaders” lately. And my coaching collaborator, Bill Pusey, and I facilitate a free monthly, invitation only, networking group of Ascending Leaders in the Portland, Maine area.


“What the heck,” you may ask, “is an Ascending Leader?”


Truth is Bill and I struggled with how to identify this group. The folks we’re talking about aren’t really “emerging leaders.” They’re fairly established in their careers and already have some sort of leadership role in their organization. And they’re not really “mature leaders,” which connotes leaders with a VP or higher designation and an established portfolio: sales, operations, marketing, finance, etc.


So if you’re wondering if you’re an Ascending Leader (with a nod to Jeff Foxworthy)…


You May Be an Ascending Leader If…


…You’re looking to raise the bar in your career and/or in your organization; that is, you want to do meaningful work, that’s impactful.


…You make things happen regardless of your level within the organization.


…You “move the needle;” you have positive impacts on the people around you.


…You build strong relationships that hold a team together and make the team greater than the sum of its parts.


…You spot key patterns and issues and develop alternative ways forward.


…You’re generally positive and get others excited about the challenges ahead.


…You’re smart and value continuous learning.


…You have a gift for determining how people with different talents can work together.


…You cultivate the potential in others through mentoring and coaching.


…You know you can perform at a higher level; and want a bigger, more strategic impact on your organization.


…You’re frustrated by the daily tactical and operational issues that distract from the more strategic role you desire.


…You’re concerned with being defined in too narrow a role for your talents and desires.


…You’re struggling with your professional goals and not sure how you will get to where you want to be by the end of the year.


…You don’t feel that the established, “mature leaders” have your back; that they’ll support you to get the things done that need doing.


…You also feel that those “mature leaders” hold you back because your ability to get stuff done makes them look good.


Are You an Ascending Leader?


Do these descriptions resonate with you? Which feel closest to home?


What are other attributes of an Ascending Leader?



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