Raise the Bar in Your Career

You want to have a bigger, more strategic impact on your organization or your team. You want a more strategic leadership role, but you’re unsure how to get there.

You are likely overwhelmed with the tactical day-to-day aspects of your work, and the pace of your work makes it difficult to focus on more strategic issues. Or you feel pigeonholed in your current role and concerned that time is running out to achieve the next level in your career.

You need help in defining and achieving your goals. Raise the Bar in Your Career is designed to help you develop your Leadership Narrative – the story of your unique value – what you love doing and do better than anyone else; your professional brand.

Raise the Bar is a four-module program that provides a step-by-step process to define your value and create the narrative that reflects your value. You will have key tools and a roadmap of specific actions that can advance your career.

Module 1: Defining Your Purpose

  • Determining Your Motivation for Work
  • Your Ideal Day At Work
  • Begin With the End in Mind — Defining and Scheduling Your Goals
  • Aligning Motivation, Your Ideal Day and Your Goals
  • Statement of Professional Purpose: Why You Do What You Do

Outcome: A clear sense of what motivates you to do the work you want, and a sense of where you would like to be within a specific timeframe.

Module 2: Gaining Clarity

  • What You Do Well
  • StrengthsFinder Themes and Domains

Outcome: A clear sense of your strengths and how they relate to your motivation for work.

Module 3: Focus: What’s Your Story?

  • Situation / Action / Results
  • Review and Revise

Outcome: The essence of your Leadership Narrative and examples that show your value.

Module 4: Strategy and Execution

  • Establishing Your Goals: Where Do You Want to be at the End of the Year?
  • How Do You Get There? — Roadmap and Monthy Checklist
  • Accountability: First Step — What Will You Accomplish This Month to Meet Your Goal?
  • Accountability: Status and Follow Up Actions — Coaching Calls

Outcome: Implementation and execution — how to get where you want to be and the key steps in the process.

Schedule an initial call to see if Raise the Bar is right for you; or email me at scott@scottwoodardcoaching.com to set up an initial appointment.